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for Overseas Customers(海外からのお客様へ)

For Overseas Customer Shopping Guide

How to order

If you would like to request the international shipment, please kindly fill the relevant information in the following order form.
Orders for international shipment must be proceeded through this order form.

You are able to use the shopping cart to add the item only for domestic shipment.

Before submitting the order form at last, please make 100% sure to acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following information.

Order confirmation email will be sent to you in three business days (JST) after your order was placed.

You’ll receive the automatic confirmation mail after you made your order by shopping cart system.
The confirmation mail often returned or will not reach to the customers because of the setting of the E-mail account.
Please make sure to register “” by the domain specification reception.
Please refrain from using free mail account as possible as you can.

1. Order Form Explanation

Name Please fill the consignee's name in properly.
Mail Address Please tell us the mail address.
Product Code Please input the product code (i.e. MD001) in the description of the item page.
Size Please input the Size (i.e. S/M/L/LL/SIZE ORDER) in the description of the item page.
Telephone number Please let us know your telephone contact number.
Zip (postal) code Please let us know the zip code (postal code).
Country Please tell us the destination country. (i.e. England)
Address Please tell us the shipping address.
Remarks column If you find anything unclear, or you would like to clarify the details of your order such as color choice, please do not hesitate to ask us.
For example, in case of ordering the item which has various color choices, please specify "light pink", "dark pink" or "hot pink" to avoid miscommunication.

Please proceed your order via email form as mentioned above, and we are pleased if you kindly wait for a while till we get you back.

The customers who request international shipment can use this order form.

2. Payment Methods

Please kindly make the payment with following the instructions in your confirmation email which PayPal sent.

3. Shipping Method, and Postage

We will proceed with shipment once the payment is confirmed.

Your purchase(s) will be shipped by EMS.

Please be aware that the customers are responsible for the shipping cost or any relevant postage.

Shipping cost varies the total weight of your purchases, and shipping address.

EMS: Shipping rate table of cost in relation to weight and destination.

As we cannot assure the actual shipping cost until the shipment was done, please kindly understand that the postage will be confirmed after the parcel was dispatched from us.

4. Duties and Taxes

Due to international shipment, the recipients will be asked to pay a certain customs fee when you received the package.

Duty, customs tariffs and VAT are determined by the destination country, therefore we have no way of knowing which orders will be charged these fees/taxes.

Again, please be aware that the recipient is responsible for any duties and taxes.

5. Customer Service

If there are any issues related to your purchases, please contact us within three days after you received them.

We will certainly respond you as soon as possible, and in some cases, we will replace the item.

However, in case of unavailable for the item in question, we will issue a full refund.

Apart from the issues above, please kindly understand in advance that we cannot accept any returns or replacement request due to customer's personal reference, such as the wrong color or size. We are very pleased if you kindly double check your order details carefully before submitting the order form.

6. Size

As for our items, available size is Japan women's size 9, which is approximately US woman' size 6. Please be advised in advance that they will not be able to suit for the people who wears larger size than the one we mention.

About Japanese sizes.
Please refer to the image below

Size Height Bust Waist Hip
S 151~158 ㎝ 78~82 ㎝ 58~64 ㎝ 80~84 ㎝
M 156~163 ㎝ 82~86 ㎝ 62~68 ㎝ 84~88 ㎝
L 159~170 ㎝ 86~90 ㎝ 66~72 ㎝ 89~92 ㎝
LL 165~175 ㎝ 90~94 ㎝ 70~76 ㎝ 92~96 ㎝

Measuring method

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the following email address. (E-mail: )

We close on weekends and Japanese holidays.

We make every effort to answer customer's inquiries as soon as possible, however, it takes at least three business days for us to respond you properly.
We are pleased if you kindly contact us in advance, and allow us a few days to get you back. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.